Travis Price

TRAVIS PRICE     a celebrated architect, author, educator, and philosopher has developed in the past three decades, a modern architecture that works hand in hand with ecology and mythology and restores the spirit of place to modern design. His vision is grounded in real-life success for over 30 years with large-scale AIA award-winning private and public works, including the world’s largest solar building. He has planned new town developments, and designed an array of unique individual residences, commercial properties, and institutional monuments.
He coined the term “passive solar” with his early green architectural works.

In cooperation with The Catholic University of America, Travis Price, adjunct professor, directs the non-profit organization SPIRIT OF PLACE/SPIRIT OF DESIGN, Inc., a quest to engage the spirit of place in built visions realized on design expeditions with clients and students. The program received the covetous NCARB Prize in 2010 with projects from around the globe including Nepal, Peru Finland and Ireland.

Travis Price is featured in films, radio, and TV programs and international publications such as The New York Times amongst many others. Travis Price’s education, like his work, spans philosophy along with architecture. He holds both a B.A. in Western Philosophy from St. John’s College and a combined Masters of Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology and The University of New Mexico. Travis Price is a registered architect with NCARB practicing and lecturing throughout the United States and abroad.