Awards & Recognition


2018 – “The Fishers of Men and the Solar Boats of Manannán Mac Lir”, Cong, Counties Mayo/Galway, Ireland

• Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, & Architecture National AIA Award
• DC AIA Design Award

2017 – “The Mhuysqa Offering” – Tenjo, Colombia

• Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, & Architecture National AIA Award

2016 – “The Procession of the Souls” – Swinford, County Mayo, Ireland

• Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, & Architecture National AIA Award
• DC AIA Design Award

2015 – “The Crossing” – DownPatrick Head, Ireland

• Best Tourism Award, Ireland
• Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, & Architecture National AIA Award
• DC AIA Design Award

2014 – “Tale of the Tongs” – Inishturk Island, Ireland

• Best Ireland Civic Project of the Year
• Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, & Architecture National AIA Award
• DC AIA Design Award

2012 – “Memorial to the Magar Ancestors Sea of Souls”, Namje-Thumki, Nepal

• Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, & Architecture National AIA
• DC AIA Design Award

2010 – “The Kalevalakheto “, Helsinki, Finland

• DC AIA Design Award
• NCARB Prize 2010 for Practice and Education National Council of Architectural Design Award

2008 – “Irish National Memorial to James Hoban, Architect of the White House” – Desart, County Kilkenny, Ireland

• Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, & Architecture National AIA Award
• DC AIA Design Award

1993 – “The Spirit of the Mask” Lake Ealue, British Columbia, Canada

• Potomac Valley AIA Design Award


…Travis Price tells us that there is an option, a way out, a means to imagine anew the relationship between place, nature, and the physical spaces we construct and inhabit for most of the hours of our lives. A new architecture of the heart, informed by beauty and pure design, with new materials as simple as the sun, yielding new possibilities for forms so delicate, so functional, so perfectly aligned with the axis of the spirit that they will inspire a totally new dream of the Earth.
Wade Davis

…I have spent many happy hours listening to Travis Price talk about the transcendent, intimate marriage of place, culture, and story. In The Mythic Modern he brings all his ideas together in a rich, smart broth that pays homage to the poetry of landscape and the surprise of the authentically original. This book chronicles “Spirit of Place,” his extraordinary program of architecture and cultural discovery that leaves a legacy of design in every place it visits. The Mythic Modern is a joy to read and a wonder of fresh thinking about architecture for the 21st century: “Christo with a conscience.”
Keith Bellows, VP/Editor in Chief National Geographic Traveler

…Spirit of Place responds to one of the most crucial needs for architectural education and practice today. The stories recounted in the Mythic Modern detail how these remarkable and extraordinary architectural pieces were each built, in a mere nine days and in remote regions all across the world. Indeed these built projects and design dialogues initiated by Travis Price are not only trail-blazing in design theory, but come alive in distant lands with legacies that represent a sea change—a new respect for the mythical in the modern architectural landscape.
Randall Ott, AIA, Dean, School of Architecture and Planning, The Catholic University of America, Washington DC

…Pioneering architects and designers are going back to the earth with what critic Vincent Scully calls a ‘reverent appreciation for the political landscape.’…’Such a sustainable world architecture,’ says Christopher Alexander, may represent the pursuit of a ‘spiritual purity of maker and artifact’…Mr. Price designs with his students, in both the spiritual and material worlds.
Timothy Jack Ward, The New York Times

Price focuses on cultural significance, sensuality and sustainability by first critiquing present architectural trends. He addresses “Sprawl, Mall and Tall” as a massive threat to poetic diversity: the global compulsion to build creating waves of homogenous construction that are numbing all expression, variety and history. All these assaults on the spirit are remedied by his inspired architecture, which resuscitates landscape and cultural metaphor in original, modernist works.
Antoine Predock FAIA, AIA Gold Medalist

The urban and rural landscape, the architecture and gardens we make, are but the consequences of the cultural values that define them. Architecture is but the concretization of belief systems we hold so dearly. For better or worse, the resulting architectural environment reflects our condition and the historic battles waged to define it. The work of Travis Price in his practice and in the unique laboratories at The Catholic University of America is committed to improving these conditions by recognizing and understanding the potential of the past to inform, in new and inspiring ways, the environment of tomorrow.
Stanley Hallet FAIA, Dean and Associate Professor of Architecture

In memorable experiences of architecture, space, matter and time fuse into one singular dimension, into the basic substance of being, that penetrates our consciousness. We identify ourselves with this space, this place, this moment and these dimensions become ingredients of our own very existence Architecture is the art of reconciliation between ourselves and the world, and this mediation takes place with the senses.
Juhani Pallasmaa, FAIA (hon.), Architect, Author, Professor

In 1954, at the age of 85, Frank Lloyd Wright formulated the mental task of Architecture in the following words:
“What is needed most in architecture today is the very thing most needed in life – Integrity. Just as it is in a human being, so integrity is the deepest quality in a building… If we succeed, we will have done a great service to our moral nature – the psyche – of our democratic society… Stand up for integrity in your building and you stand for integrity not only in the life of those who did the building but socially a reciprocal relationship is inevitable.“
Frank Lloyd Wright